Friday, October 19, 2007

The Yankees

The essential problem with how the Yankees bungled the dismissal of Joe Torre is that clarifying the managerial situation is only one of several key problems that the Yankee front office has to deal with this offseason. Judging from how they handled the first one I'm not particularly optimistic about their handling of the next few.

First of all it was hideous to not have a set plan for Torre, letting him twist in the wind was horrifically bad even by Steinbrenner standards.

I had felt the right thing to do was to move quickly, praise Torre for his years of excellence then announce that the team was moving in a new direction and wanted Tony Pena to lead them.

Why Pena?

He’s been in the Yankee organization for a couple of years so he knows the deal. He’s the only man to lead the Royals to a winning season in the last 15 years or so. And he has an good track record of working with young pitchers.

If the Yankees are to be more than playoff also rans, then Joba Chamberlain, Phillip Hughes, Ian Kennedy and Chien Ming Wang are going to lead them. Torre’s track record with young pitchers isn’t strong (hence the Joba rules).

Anyway, now you have what looks like a bungling front office and several more opportunities for them to fumble.

The new manager: if a pay cut is offered to a man who has made the playoffs twelve straight seasons, what incentive is there for top managerial talent to come to the Bronx?

Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada. Both could leave as free agents and this debacle probably tempts them to test the waters.

And last but hardly least: A-Rod. This is a lean season for free agents, so most of the teams that can bid on A-Rod will. Without him, the Yanks are an old and declining team unless you think Melky Cabrera is a future all star.

Be afraid Yankee fans, be very afraid. This is already bad and it could get worse quickly.

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